HITORK®1.0 Multi-turn Electric Actuator Multi-turn

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HITORK®1.0 Multi-turn electric actuator 

HKM series multi-turn electric actuators are HITORK®1.0 products,used to control a variety of valves and other similar products, such as butterfly valve, ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, regulating valve, etc., HKM actuator can be widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, water treatment, ship, papermaking, power stations, heating, building automation and other industries,and its driving power supply is 380V / 220 V/ 110 V alternating current power and control signals are 4-20 mA current signal or 0 to 10V DC voltage signal ,which can make valves move to the required position so as to realize the valves auto-control. HKM series actuators have a very large range of torque, torque value is 15-1200 NM, speed is 40-140 RPM. HKM actuators can also greatly expand the torque range by configuring different gear boxes, or making the multi-turn actuators turn to part-turn travel(angular travel) actuators, crank arm types, linear actuators offering a suitable type for various demands. This series of products has obtained CE and explosion-proof certification.

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